Siyeon & Sangwoo

"Hands down the best wedding planning team in Hawaii! We couldn't be more pleased for such a spectacular, smooth and magical wedding day coordinated by I Do Hawaii Weddings & Events. Every single staff member was so caring, informative, friendly, knowledgeable and courteous.

The planning process was truly a breeze - with all the checklists, timeline, and vendor lists they provided 10+ months ahead, things couldn't have possibly gone wrong. With the anxiousness of having a destination wedding, we requested soooo many video conferences, phone calls, and text messages leading up to the wedding, which I Do Hawaii Wedding & Events team catered to help us every single time. They micromanaged every single communication with all our vendors, and it also helps that floral can be done in-house!

I honestly wish I could relive our wedding day all over again - not just because it was a special day for my husband and I, but because of their wonderful service. We didn't have to worry about anything! All our guests and we couldn't stop talking about how our wedding day was a 100 out of 10! Zero hiccups in sight. We HIGHLY recommend anyone who's reading this review to start planning your dream destination wedding with I Do Hawaii Wedding & Events.

Thanks to Jessica and I Do Hawaii Wedding & Events staff members once again!! "

Seri + Benjamin

" I had the pleasure of working with Jessica and her team for my destination wedding in Oahu. She was absolutely amazing! She was so organized and efficient, and she took care of everything from start to finish. She was always available to answer my questions, and she was always so helpful and accommodating.

I was particularly impressed with her knowledge of the local area. She knew all the best vendors, and she was able to get me the best deals. She also helped me to plan a wedding that was truly unique and special.

On the day of the wedding, everything went off without a hitch. Jessica was there to make sure that everything was perfect, and she even helped to calm my nerves!

I would highly recommend I Do Hawaii Wedding & Events to anyone who is planning a destination wedding in Hawaii. She is truly the best in the business! "

 Janice + Robin 

" I DO HAWAII WEDDINGS & EVENTS team were SUPERB! If I am able to give them 1000+ stars, I wouldnt hesitate. Jessica, Eunchae and Alyssa were all super helpful, friendly and professional. It felt like my best friends were planning my wedding as they were available basically 24/7, answered all my "dumb" questions day and night. I DO team made wedding planning process smooth, fun and stress-free. Even on the wedding day, we didn't have to worry about anything. All we did was ENJOY our day. ALL of my guests still talk about how they all went above and beyond to take care of my guests. (ex. my friend needed a room to breast pump, and I DO planning team helped my friend to find a place and guarded the door the entire time to make sure no one goes in).
The flower arrangements were beautiful, the way I wanted it to be, and all I had to was tell them what kind of design I want. They have thorough wedding checklist and they make sure nothing gets missed.

My friends wanted to go afterparty after our reception, which ended at 11:30PM. I just asked for any recommendations and asked whether any place would be open that late. They immediately asked how many people are going and called around to see whether they would be able to accommodate us. My friends loved the place they recommended and we ended up staying there till 2:30AM, till the bar kicked us out.

After the wedding, I noticed that table numbers I used for my reception were missing. I messaged I DO team and they got back to me after locating whereabout and guess what!! They came to my hotel and dropped it off at the front desk while I was enjoying Hawaii.

It has been little over a month since my wedding and if my family and friends still talk about my wedding, my wedding planners and the photographer, that says everything. Everyone says it was THE BEST wedding they have ever attended and I'd say all the credit goes to I DO WEDDING TEAM!

The Aidoo Planning Team is fantastic! I'm the only bride around who has prepared for her wedding without stress. Thank you so much for making memories that will last a lifetime!! "

Hyewon & Kangwook

" We got married last December at Kualoa Ranch. After deciding to have a wedding in Hawaii and looking at several vendors, I liked the portfolio photos of the iDoo team so much that I contacted them, but I trusted them more because of their quick replies, so I contracted them right away. During the 6 months of preparing for the wedding, they followed up with every detail of the wedding through zoom meetings, kakaotalk, and emails, and even if I contacted them outside of the contact hours, they replied right away. It was so convenient that I didn't have to do any research, just read the excel sheet they sent me and decided on the options I wanted and let them know. As a destination wedding, there are a lot of things you can't see and there are a lot of events that I wanted to do separately, so I was worried, but once I sent them the photos of the style I wanted, they were able to arrange it perfectly and keep checking in with me to make sure everything went smoothly. They also did a great job with the flower arrangements! I sent them photos of the types of flowers and colors I wanted, and they were more beautiful than I thought they would be, so I was able to start the wedding off with a bang. On the wedding day, they were there to make sure the bride and groom were as comfortable as possible. As a busy couple, it must have been hard for you to take care of my dog during the reception, but you kept smiling and taking care of him, so I was very impressed. Thank you again, Aidoo and the planners!!! "

 Ju Young

"The Director remembered the style I wanted and the things I was worried about in the pre-meeting and took care of me, so I was able to have a beautiful wedding in Hawaii. Even on the day of the ceremony, she kept dressing up and taking care of me so that I wouldn't get disturbed, so I was able to have the ceremony comfortably! Thank you for creating the Hawaii Destination Wedding of your dreams. Both parents loved the wedding, saying it was a picturesque wedding! I will recommend it to my friends~!! "

Sun Yong Lee + Jeong Seok Han

" I highly recommend I DO WEDDINGS as your wedding planner if you want to get married in Hawaii as a destination wedding. I found them by googling. ;) As an out of state resident, they were our big help. My wedding went well with beautiful flower decorations including half arch for the ceremony, cake, hair accessory, and even bracelet. Our ceremony was held at the chapel which was gorgeous with flower half arch without blocking the window. The lightening at the sweetheart for the reception was cute and nice. Makeup and hair stylist were great and friendly, photographer was fun and the photos are great. Jessica and her team worked closely with us via frequent text, email, and virtual meeting. We appreciate their help for our two times of changing attires on wedding day. They also helped us for taking photos at the beach with photographer! Our multiple requests were full-filled and the wedding went smoothly and all of our guests enjoyed the wedding. This is one of the most wonderful memory in our lives. Thank you I DO WEDDINGS! "

 Minkyung + Sam

 " My wife and I got married in Hawaii during the coronavirus pandemic. We had to move dates three times and change locations once. At first, I had a lot of worries, but in the end, everything worked out well. The wedding planner at Aidoo Hawaii was very professional and made sure everything went off without a hitch, with my wife having to arrange everything by herself. Unfortunately, it was just me and my wife who attended the wedding, but the wedding itself went really well. The wedding planner arranged everything from limousines, photographers, makeup, locations, etc., and helped my wife a lot in preparing for the wedding. In addition, Aidoo has kept us updated on changes in COVID-19 policy. I highly recommend Aidoo Hawaii Wedding as a destination wedding planner. It was so easy and comfortable to prepare for the wedding. Thank you again to Aidoo Hawaii Wedding for helping us to have a successful wedding during the difficult COVID-19 pandemic. " 

Sarah + Timothy

"아이두 하와이웨딩팀 모두 정말 대단합니다. 제 남편과 저는 시카고에서 하와이 데스티네이션 웨딩을 계획했고, 우리의 바쁜 스케줄과 하와이와 시카고의 시차를 고려하면 웨딩 플래닝을 하는 것이 그리 쉬운일은 아니었습니다. 하지만 이런 상황에도 불구하고 아이두 하와이웨딩팀은 우리의 결혼식을 상상할 수 있었던 것보다 훨씬 더 매지컬(yes, magical)하게 만들어주었습니다. 저는 웨딩일 몇 달 전에 아이두팀에게 제가 핀터레스트에 모아 놓은 이미지를 보냈는데, 아이두팀은 제 비전을 100% 캐치했습니다. 웨딩 장소와 음식 추천부터 결혼식 날 머리와 메이크업까지 모든 게 완벽했습니다. 우리의 결혼식날을 특별하게 만들어 준 팀원들 모두에게 정말 감사합니다. 결혼식 하객들은 우리의 결혼식이 그들이 참석했던 최고의 결혼식이라고 이야기했습니다. 제시카, 소피아, 그리고 안젤라에게 다시한번 감사의 마음을 전합니다."

Sejin + James

"저희는 캐나다 동부에서 하와이 데스티네이션 웨딩을 계획한지 1년여만에 아이두하와이웨딩을 통해 딱 저희가 원하던 결혼식을 지난 달 올렸습니다.
저와 남편 둘다 하와이에 한번도 가보지 않았던 터라 캐나다에서 업체 선정을 할때부터 꼼꼼히 블로그와 리뷰 열심히 읽어보고 아이두하와이웨딩을 선택하게 되었는데요 지금 생각해봐도 정말 탁월한 선택이였던 것 같습니다. 큰 틀도 없이 막연히 하와이 웨딩만 생각하고 연락드렸는데 베뉴부터 리셉션까지 모두 저희 상황에 맞게 추천해 주셔서 정말 편하게 준비했고 결혼식 당일날 상상 이상으로 완벽한 진행과 데코레이션에 하객분들에게 아낌없는 칭찬 받아 너무나 감사해 이렇게 리뷰를 남기게 되었습니다. 보통 북미의 신부들이 1년반전 부터 웨딩드레스를 구입해 준비하는 반면 저는 아이두하와이웨딩에서 결혼식전날 피팅하고 대여한 드레스로 식을 올렸지만 맞춤한듯 잘 맞게 피팅해주셔서 이쁜 신부 사진까지 남기게 되었네요. 제시카 대표님 부터 소피아 플래너님, 그리고 사진 촬영을 진행하셨던 론 작가님까지 아주 완벽한 팀워크로 결혼식+리셉션 총 6시간의 이벤트를 신랑 신부인 저희마저도 즐기면서 잘 치루었음에 무한한 감사인사를 드립니다. 마지막으로 이 리뷰는 어떠한 대가없이 저의 개인적인 경험을 토대로 남김을 알려드립니다."

Jean + Dae

미국 중부에 살면서 Hawaii destination wedding을 준비했던 커플입니다. 일단 IDO wedding은 와이프가 blog 와 instagram 을 통해서 견적을 받은 몇군데 중 하나였습니다. 결혼식을 마치고 돌아온 이 시점에서 다시 처음으로 돌아가도 IDO 로 하겠다는게 와이프랑 저의 의견입니다.
그 이유는 1. communication. 카톡 또는 email 에 답장속도가 엄청납니다. 궁금한거 한번에 물어보지 않고, 생각나는데로 물어봐도 바로바로 답장해주셔서 사실 조금 놀랐습니다. 2. Dress and tux selection. 사실 와이프랑 저랑 하와이를 처음 가는거였고, 대여하는것만 믿고 갔다가 맘에 안들면 어떻하냐라는 마음에 사실 하나씩 준비를 해갔는데요, 결국 저랑 와이프 둘다 IDO 에서 빌려주는 드레스와 턱시도를 입고 결혼식을 했습니다. fit 이며 style 이며 요즘 스타일 입니다. 3. Easy Access. 와이키키쪽 Parking 하기 쉽지 않습니다. IDO studio 있는 빌딩에 park 하시면 validate 됩니다. 4. 선택을 못하는 당신! 옵션이 너무 많은 요즘, 선택을 하기가 참 어렵습니다. 꽃이며, 의자며, 그 밖에 100가지 이상 골라야 하는 힘듬.. 선택할껀 하시고. 나머지는 대충 theme 만 잡아주시면 IDO wedding 에서 놀랍운 완성품을 만들어 줍니다. 5. weather 대체능력. 사실 저희 웨딩때 비가 오락가락 했는데요, 하객들을 위해서 비가 올수 있는 상황, 해가뜰 상황 둘다 준비를 마지막 순간까지 해주시는 모습에 감동 했습니다. 기회가되서 remind wedding 을 한다 해도 IDO Wedding 에 문의할 예정입니다. 예비 신랑신부님들에 도움이 되는 review 였으면 합니다!

Inje + Jonghun

데스티네이션 스몰웨딩을 하기위에 찾다가 발견한 아이두는 최고의 결정이였습니다~

진짜 급하게 찾아서 예약했는데요, 정말 너무 잘한것같아요!
정말 저희 부부 둘다 너무 바빠서 웨딩준비하는걸 많이 걱정했었는데 정말 1부터10까지 하나하나 다 준비해주시고, 모든거 세세히 다 알려주시고 답변해주시고, 정말 저희는 아무것도 안해도 될 정도였어요.
같이 간 저희 부모님도 숙박, 여행, 공항픽업등 다 세세하게 챙겨주셔서 진짜 너무 감사드렸습니다! 너무 편하게 갔다온것 같아요~!

저희는 라니레아 채플에서 결혼했는데 스몰웨딩하기에 딱이였어요ㅠㅠ 채플도 화사하고 이쁘고 하객이 많이없는데도 휑해보이지 안았구요, 호텔에서 하는 indoor venue 이라 더운 여름에 하기에 하객들도 저희도 너무 편안했어요!!

아이두 더욱더 번창하세요~~!

Hyunju + Sangbum

하와이 화창한 날씨에 인생의 최고의 추억을 만들고 왔었죠 ^^ 
벌써 2년이 지났네요~~ 코로나로 집에 있으면서도 결혼식 사진과 영상을 보며, 추억을 되새겨 보고 있어요~ 아이두에서 예약해주신 숙소와 골프장도 너무 좋았고요...뜨거운 햇살아래서도 결혼식을 성공적으로 할 수 있도록 도와주신 많은 분들 정말 감사했어요!! 
코로나 끝나면 꼭! 다시 가고 싶어요!!


헤어, 메이크업은 물론이고 드레스피팅 진짜 잘 도와주셨어요.
저에게어울리는 스타일로 딱 잡아주셨고 결과는 사진에 보이는대로 완전 아름다워요. 이것저것 어울리는대로 해주셨고 정말 최고에요.
작가님 또한 최고의 전문가에요. 제 얼굴에맞는 각도로 사진이 진짜 이쁘게 나왔어요. 드레스선택이 정말 최고였어요.
사장님과 매니저님 너무 감사합니다 행복한 추억 주셨어요.


저희는 하와이 신행때 웨딩스냅촬영을 했어요.
한국에선 드레스투어를 통해 샵을 고르고, 드레스를 고르는데 사전에 확인없이 현장에서 바로골라야 하는게 걱정이였어요.'이쁜게 있을까? 나한테 어울릴까?'
그런데..괜한 걱정이였어요.
원하는 스타일을 말하니 알아서 척척~!
아침에 비가와서 엄청 야외촬영이 가능할지도 엄청 걱정되고, 속상했는데..실내촬영하고, 야외로 촬영 해보자고 날씨상황에도 척척 대처해주시고..
하늘도 걱정하는 저희 마음을 알았는지..실내 촬영이 끝날때쯤 짜잔~!하고 맑아졌죠.덕분에 실내, 야외 모두 이쁘게 촬영했어요~! 헬퍼 해주신 이모님도 작가님도 엄청 친절하시고..
드레스 1벌, 1스팟촬영 했는데..한국와서 사진받으니까 더 많이 찍을껄 하는 후회가 되더라구요ㅠㅠ
기회가 되면 여행가서 스냅촬영하고 싶어요!!


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